Someone’s Getting a Little Ripe

things are getting iffy.

today i found myself zooming in figure 8 formations around the tv room couches in my new shoes while huffing and puffing “i’ve gotta get through this. i’ve gotta get through this. i’ve gotta gotta gotta make it through.” a song by britain’s own daniel bedingfield, yes, brother of natasha. no, you’re not supposed to have to know that for the quiz. and yes, i was singing it a la techno, and also, a la badly. i felt very empowered for brief flashes.

in further news, my temporary job is amazing. today i went through letters A and B of the patient files: taping them up, updating records and lab results, checking for their data in the computer, making ends meet. everything came full circle and then it danced. i really wanted the end of the day to be the beginning and the beginning to be the end. but somehow just doing something was akin to having a new fresh diaper every hour on the hour. know that fresh diaper feeling? like all the shit of your diapery past is wiped clean. 8 hours seemed like nothing and everything. my coworker giggles a lot. it is delightful. i could told her it felt like my eyes were leaking out my ears, and she would have giggled and then called 9-1-1. deeelightful.

diaper fresh and stylin’.

diaper funky?

my self-esteem seems very fleeting these days. up and down and up and down it goes. it’s funny watching it. it seems so irrelevant. to anything useful. it’s like “get a life, self-esteem!” and then i realize i’m only hurting myself. it’s vewwwy vewwwy tricky like tracking the yeti.

yeti or my self-esteem? you decide.

yay mike shinoda. linkin park might have made you scoff, but i like him. get over it. my friend grace likes him too. and she’s in love. so. her opinions RULE.

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