Catching Up Feels Awkward

man! you kids! i haven’t updated in foooorever. but there’s a good reason behind that. sort of. i’m temping at my mother’s office. i know i know. pretty spectacular. yesterday found me cleaning out the medicine cabinet/pantry.

five bags of everything from cialis to zoloft, from ambien to augmentin, from lipitor to allegra, all in the TRASH. expired, my friends, expired. something tells me they don’t just go out quietly though. they go out with a bang. down some junkie’s throat. by the handful. that was morbid. i’m sorry.

what else is new? i went to this protest against the genocide in darfur on sunday. george clooney was there. with his dad. i wish i could’ve been there with my dad. my parents are still in china though, thanks for asking. there were thousands of people there though. that was comforting.

i gave away my crack cake! but i might go back to the scene of the crime and eat some of it. of course, as soon as i gave it away, i went into withdrawal. of couuuurse. anyway, i hope to be reunited later this week.

i can’t get into my voicemail at home either. i know this is crucial crucial information for you all. but it had to be said. therefore, whoever is leaving messages for me on my parent’s answering machine. i’m not getting any of them. you can just give up. give up, i say!

finally, i need to stop trashtalking myself. this morning, the verbal abuse was off the hizzy. that’s why i had to play hooky from the job my mom assigned me and just catch up on my email, job hunt, blog. because that’s the kind of ideal citizen i am. me first. me me me me me. that said, stop being a lazy buttface, me!

2 thoughts on “Catching Up Feels Awkward

  1. C says:

    lol…i feel like i could use a rainbow cocktail of pills right about now. dinner tomorrow! and lots of dishing!!!

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