A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Waterhole

.happy cinco de mayo everybooody.

um. don’t ask why but after watching some of the NEWSHOUR with JIM LEHRER. i taped it from the other night. the rich man’s 24 if you will. well anyway after watching that, some other show about a reality show on a ranch starts coming on the telly. and of course, i can’t watch it directly or my eyes will be burned like watching the sun. but i do catch snippets here and there. it’s unbelievable. what goes on at these “ranches.” holla at some brokeback. you think i’m making an allusion to homosexuality. but no, just ranching, you horny buggers.

some little delicious nibbles–

cowboy one: are you steering the heifer?
cowboy two: yeah i’m steering the heifer.

cowgirl wearing an apron: morale is up! MORALE IS UP!

narrator: at the end of a long day, the cowboys gather in the tackroom to discuss mr. cooke’s accusations.

[harmonica music in background]

cowboy 1: there are some good-looking cows. let’s go round them up as well.

cowboy 1.5: man, veggie pizza. i love veggie pizza.

(doesn’t sound like canned beans to me)

angry cowgirl: if we don’t meet our housekeeping goals and we’ve had a maid all summer, i’m really gonna be mad.

and finally the part you were all waiting for…

when the menz all go skinnydipping in the waterhole!!!

cowboy 2.75: we’re really glad jon joined us in the hole today. we all had a great time.

oooh nothing like dripping wet buckskin…i’m serious. it’s incomparable to anything else. it’s like watermelon in the summertime. MAGNIFICENT.

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