Oversharing in the Rain

wow. temp work leaves me feeling like i have multiple personalities, one of them permanently comatose. today i got to see secret service agents and bodyguards, the only people who can pull off talking into a little star trek earpiece. they are friendly folk. wouldn’t mind working at the register next to them at the gap. you get to wear little earpiece things at the gap too.

was that a plaid or a solid? over.

then i had to take notes at one of the business seminars and i kept spacing out. while the businesspeople were talking. i felt like a really cracked out stenographer. i got caught in a rainstorm after work. but it was fun. it was like we were being tested for our shortcomings. we passed the test. we put the computer in a plastic bag halfway through the rainstorm. after that this lady sat next to me on the subway and after i squeezed out some of my saturated pores onto her, she got up and moved.

china follow-up:
our house is now full of asian snacks. i wish i could tell what most of them were from just looking at the pictures. but no, you never really know until it’s in your mouth. whether it’s a jelly or a crunchy. or a well-intentioned hybrid.

i do love me some pocky though.

my dad got a shoehorn from china that is, i shit you not, three feet long. please tell me no one needs a three foot shoehorn. but no, you can’t, can you? he just used it. you can practically flip the suckers onto your soles from across the street.

oh hell no.

and the misanthropic writer was kind enough to forward me a job listing:


Responsible for creating and publishing The Antarctic Sun newspaper and providing other media and public relations services during the austral summer in Antarctica. Interacts with the station community, National Science Foundation, military, and other agency officials, both over the telephone and in person, in a professional and tactful manner.

While at McMurdo Station the journalist conducts research and interviews with a variety of U.S. Antarctic Program scientists and participants. Writes articles, takes photographs, does editing and layout, obtains approvals, and publishes and distributes The Antarctic Sun. Coordinates the efforts of other staff and volunteers from the community. Works closely with client and management for content approvals. Maintains historical computer files and hard-copy masters of all documents created. Ensures that distribution is made to the community and on the Internet. Participates in aerial photography requirements. Provides support and gives direction regarding miscellaneous requests from other USAP participants, USAP related agencies, the public, and the media. Must be physically able to travel, transport luggage and gear, and endure time spent in Antarctic field camps and stations.

BA or BS. Minimum three years experience as a published journalist, preferably for a daily. Expertise with A/P style, copy editing and digital photography required. Must be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite and MSOffice. Some FTP and html. The ideal candidate will have the proven effective people and time management skills, the ability to work independently and demonstrate good judgment.

my coworkers-to-be.

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    MUST WEAR A FUCKIN TUXEDO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!FUCK THAT SHIT APARNA

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