Emotional Weather Patterns

alright, kids. it’s time to get sentimental. don’t worry. you’ll be at ease. i usually don’t quite mean sentimental as much as pensive. i realized that i have these ups and downs in terms of self-esteem. sometimes i feel like i can conquer the world in one line. and sometimes i feel like the world could destroy me in one half-glance. but then you realize nothing changed. except your brain. absofreakinglutely nothing. when you felt like you were the bellybutton lint in the grand scheme of life, nobody said it was so. and when you razed entire cities with a wink, well, nobody said rome fell that day. but it did. and you can just nod to yourself, and say, “yeah, that was all me.” but entire cities can’t perish without fallout. and so the doubts begin again.

the sun is shining through a dozen dark clouds today, literally. it’s a battle. stay tuned.

i hate it when people worry about my future. one person worrying is more than enough. find your own cause. or be the voice that reasons against reason and says “yo. chillax. just lean with it.”

sometimes i’m afraid i’m going to run out of hope. but it always comes back, doesn’t it? i refuse to believe otherwise.

sometimes my phone needs to shut up. all the phones in the world need to shut up. and we just need to be ok. being where we are and them being where they are. other times, that one line of static is like the most comforting of hugs. the distant voice the closest thing you feel to anything.

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