Back in the Swing of Things, Wiiiink!

well. i’m back. temping away at a computer.

my half-cube sits next to a window. you can’t imagine my joy.
this isn’t my view, but let’s pretend.

thus far today, i’ve forgotten my passport, spilled coffee on my hands and pants and fallen in love with the IT guy’s voice (it’s so darn helpful and caring). a far cry from IT guys of christmas past.

crusader of justice

i just received perhaps the hippest edition to my wardrobe ever. folk art is sublime.

what is it about the male wink? the male wink possesses strength vastly immeasurable in proportion to its size and time span. imagine if a fly could crush buildings by a sweep of its wings. imagine if a pony could shatter continents with a stamp of its hoof. such is the power of the male wink. i guess the female wink just doesn’t do it for me. so casual, so unpredictable, so heartwrenching. the male wink.

i’ve tried the wink myself. i just couldn’t do it.
this will also do.

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