Hurry Children!

i miss the woods. i miss falling in streams and on my face.

we must go. immediately.

4 thoughts on “Hurry Children!

  1. Anonymous says:

    i like the woods. i practically live in the woods back home. but every time i go home, there’s less woods and more houseplots.i once tried crossing a stream in the woods, and stepped in very thick quicksand, and when i finally pulled my foot out, my shoe was gone.right now i just started thinking of how fucked up those woods are, and how fucked up the journey was to go all the way through and come out at the church. i think i just realized that a lot of the elements that impressed on my senses as a boy, and never again, got distorted over time and ended up as fantastical nightmarish visions in my dreams.i never ever made the connection. and there it is.this isn’t even might be thinking, “well if you used to practically live in the woods, where the fuck else would the elements of the dreams come from?”. but the point is, they were so nightmarish and deformed i never recognized them.fuckin SWAMPS.but then there were other woods: like behind my house (totally different section of forest than the one that led to the church), the woods were always harmless. me and my sister once walked through it to the end, in the snow, and found a christmas tree farm. it wasn’t a real commercial christmas tree farm, it was a bizarre snowy plot of land behind a big/mysterious rich house with a geometric lay-out of short fat round conifers.i think an old hag came out from somewhere and screamed at us to get away from there. –which we did.i’m pretty partial to snowy coniferous woods. and on the other hand, sweltering swamps have contributed to my nightmares.i’ve never fallen down in the woods though. but, i have swung on a rope-swing that somebody built on a huge tree hanging over a deep pit of huge boulders. the rope-swing was just a huge thick piece of rope tied to the tree, you grab on and swing out over the rocks, and swing back. once, i accidentally slipped off while swinging, fell all the way down to the rocks and smashed my head. my friend went running to my house yelling to mom. i think i have memory of the moment of impact, and seeing nothing but the back of my eyelids, which were orangey or pink because of daylight.i showed up in kindergarten with a huge lump on my head.i was going to stop there. but why don’t i continue?the huge tree (it was huge) the ropeswing was attached to eventually got hit by lightning i think during hurricane bob, and the top fell right over and the rest exploded into huge splinters which were so clean and white, very fresh wood. the tall part of the tree that didn’t explode ended up overlaying the pit parallel to the ground, with it’s branches holding it up so that you could walk out over the pit along the trunk, as if walking down a plank or dock.

  2. Aparna says:

    my goodness. someone knows how to write a comment! hot damn!as for the skull implosion, one can only think good things of it for leaving you as you are today.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i forgot to mention that if the tree had fallen the opposite way, it would have crushed my house.

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