Heart to Hearty Tastes Meaty

the misanthropic writer made my day! the g&t club met for the first time in a good long awhile (it had been too long) and i was feeling somewhat uncertain as to how it would go due to time and me being in the doldrums. but then MW asked me how i was doing. and if everything was going ok. and it felt very comforting to have some grownup intervention. sometimes it’s nice to have a real bonafide adult tell you things will work out. it was a very successful g&t club and reaffirmed my faith in its existence. deep dark secrets were exchanged, intern chris was as inappropriate as ever and happiness returned to the inhabitants of aparna village. silly overanalysis, you have been voted off the island.

i know you’re not sitting there overthinking! not on my watch.

on a harder to swallow note, i ordered spaghetti at g&t session today. and quickly learned that i might have given up the meat, but the meat has not given up on me. i scooped into the tomatoey noodles with an eager fork and proceeded to definitely bite, chaw and swallow a big heaping spoon of ground beef with an ounce of denial. the funniest part was the immediate alarm in intern chris and the misanthropic writer’s eyes when i solemnly declared “THIS HAS MEAT.” they flagged down the amazing waitress (she’s an honorary member of the g&t club) and all three of them handled things effortlessly. a fresh plate was ordered and the whole meal was on the house, intern chris decided to handle the meat plate with his carnivorous stomach, the misanthropic writer chipped in and my well-being was inquired after with much ado and concern. i felt so loved. unfortunately, after last week’s chicken incident, i’m not sure what is going on in the lay of the universe. clearly, there’s someone in town who wants me consuming flesh.

so deceptive. or maybe i’m just dumb.

only after 30 years of marriage: somehow my parents are arguing with each other about something on which they’re both in agreement.

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