The Train Has Left the Station

Lonely men seek companionship. Lonely women sit at home and wait. They never meet.

this quote is FULL OF SHIT. i am a living testament of will. and proactive awkward seeking of handholding with whoever or whatever will take it. no that’s not a handjob reference, you dirty mildewscumbrains! just kidding. my mind goes to the gutter directly so yours can take the scenic route.


OK. i finally finished transcribing one TAPE. i just have ONE TO GO.

but let me tell you a few things, those few marbles that were remaining in my head before i started the hellish underworld that is tape transcription of people speaking with accents, have long since rolled out of my ears. i speak to you now from BEYOND THE SANITY.
the two remaining neurons in my brain

i’m in some kind of mental health limbo right now.

and i just know a few things, which i will now communicate in brief, fortune cookie sentences.

sleep will fix this, but i will not sleep.

i can’t move my neck. tomorrow i will i have no neck.

i am screaming at inanimate objects like headphones, papers and the lamp. I DO NOT LOVE LAMP.

lucky numbers: 34, 56, 13, 69, 72 and 1/2 (too bad you can’t play fractions in the lottery, the 1/2 is the luckiest number of all)

i can’t get myself to start this next tape. sometimes the enormi-gigantousness of the task at hand is increased googlyplexfold once you actually start the task. you realize you could just as easily throw the tape out the window, make a few calls, change a few names, pack a few essentials, bounce out like a bball and everybody would be the wiser. but you are soooo goood at playing dumb.

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