What the Fortune Cookie Told Me

8 realizations from today:

1. ketchup continues to taste great on everything, including tomatoes.

come to mama

2. my cubemate will accidentally elbow me in the head occasionally.

nothing like this though.

3. i like closure. i’m beginning to think i like it better than the uncertainty of beginnings. psych! i’m not that jaded.

close the damn circle! close it!

4. yesterday when i put on big voluptuous sunglasses so i could drive home and cry at the same time in rushhour traffic, i was secretly very impressed with the hollywood drama of it all. then when the tears ran out, i got cranky because i wanted to continue being melodramatic.

cry it up baby. we both have eesh-ues.

5. i will forever continue to be a sensitive puffbag. i am tired of toughening up. it’s much better for puffbags to toughen up on their own terms, the fluff loss is minimized. that reminds me. my dad washed my furry blanket. and now it is a scratchy blanket. you see where i’m going with this? good. me neither.

a visual interpretation of a puffbag

6. irish pub music is like when you have so much energy, you throw yourself down a hill and hit lots of things in a good way. and then you run inside and throw a chair out the window. then you dance with a lampshade on your head.

well fiddle dee dee.

7. when you are out of bright ideas, life will throw something surreal and entertaining your way even if it’s just good for table banter. shit! i should join yearbook staff for myself. events must be documented! call in the scribes.

this guy’s a great worker.

8. sometimes i talk so fast, i lose my breath. and then i am ashamed to resume talking. it reminds me i started using my voice late in life.

shhhhh is for posers.

4 thoughts on “What the Fortune Cookie Told Me

  1. Tara says:

    Firstly. I LOVE ketchup on everything!Secondly…why so many tears?And thirdly… I dunno, but it seemed like I should have a third thing. :o)

  2. Aparna says:

    yay. i know. ketchup is a solution to many problems! i don’t know about the tears. i think i’ve just been emotionally taken to wash by my own brain. silly neurotic thing! and thirdly, of course there should be a thirdly!

  3. Anonymous says:

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