Celebrating the Bosu (Builder of Strong ‘umans)

so this was my MUSCLE UP! gym class yesterday…

this is called a bosu. it’s a versatile exercise tool!

here is a breakdown of the bosu in italian

you can do lots of things on a bosu….like…


balance while looking peaceful

strain while looking tense

socialize in a non-judgy environment


multitask while looking ridiculous

build strength while looking constipated

take charge of your life

be prepared for anything

or my, personal favorite, act tentative because you just fell off three times

10 thoughts on “Celebrating the Bosu (Builder of Strong ‘umans)

  1. dink says:

    cool blue …I totally want one. It would be fun to attempt to exercise while appearing to be suction cupped to the floor.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    As the inventor of BOSU I must say that your post was quite hilarious. I really love the word play on B.O.S.U., especially the (‘umans) part.I’ve written many posts with various word plays (see them at http://www.bosufitness.com/blog). Thanks for the laugh!Best in health,David WeckInventor of BOSU

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