We Here at Aparna Corp. Bring You TDS

i spill something on myself everyday. and now that they have these new jumbo servings of takeout ketchup, the odds are even higher. i’m starting a new segment called “TDS” – the daily stain. if we’re lucky, i’ll keep it going for a week.

anyway, today’s stain of the day.

what: coffee
where: upper left thigh of pants near crotch
color: reddish brown
color of pants: lighter brown than coffee
shape: lake/island with tiny lake/island on top of it
to an unsuspecting observer, this stain looks like: a case of bad period hygiene

yeah i said it.

3 thoughts on “We Here at Aparna Corp. Bring You TDS

  1. Yoda says:

    OMG. That is bad. Were you at work or something? Last summer, one of my trousers gave way BIG time at my workplace (I was interning at that time). I had to literally run back home to change. Horrible.

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