When’s(It Over)Day Is Not My Favorite

i need to hit ctrl-alt-delete on this day.

so nothing scary happened yesterday…until after dark. then my tape player kept flipping sides randomly while i was driving home, and i was playing “livin’ up the 90s” hits mix and so it kept switching between “i touch myself”–divinyls and “hold on for one more day”–wilson phillips and the sounds of the tape kept stretching out in the manner of sounding like it was possessed. unsettling. and furthermore, as good a sign as any. of what? not sure. suggestions welcome.

ladies, ladies, don’t get all apocalpyse on me.

my cube mate just violated my space in a major way. she just stretched all the way back over her chair leaning back back baaaaack until she could just check out all my computer screen action in a completely innocuous way. ironically, i was checking up on the myspace community. and when i saw what she was pulling, i felt so incredibly dirty, i couldn’t even look at her.

this is my space, dude. that is your space.

11 thoughts on “When’s(It Over)Day Is Not My Favorite

  1. Yoda says:

    I still have my Bruce Springsteen tapes! Though my tape player has long been cremated.The worst thing about sneaky people is that you can “sneak back”. That’s just unholy …On a side note, I noticed that you are from DC … I’ll spend the coming weekend in DC along with my friends! Any places I should see/eat/hang out at in particular?

  2. Aparna says:

    actually! i love tapes. especially when they break and you are left with several unlistenable strands crying all the way to the trash.mmmm visiting DC you are, yoda? you should go somewhere green like the arboretum or some museums…what kind of food do you like? i’ll throw more suggestions your way…what is your nighttime venue of choice?

  3. Yoda says:

    Arboretum seems like a good idea! I was earlier planning only the Smithsonian and the Capitol area. Food … I like most types of food … but it has to be cooked 🙂 ie. no sushi. Do you know any good Indian places?

  4. C says:

    god, i love wilson phillips. i love them so effing much. i’m glad you do too, it’s just one of the many loves we share…including vulgarity.

  5. Aparna says:

    man, i tried posting a comment yesterday but blogger was eating socks or something. umm yoda…restaurants….good indian ones are heritage india, indique and indebleu…the last two are kind of fancy schmancy…bombay bistro is also real good. c—UPDATE YOUR BLOG HOMEY. or we’ll talk. one or the other, preferably both.

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