It’s a Plank! It’s a Tree! No, it’s Yogaman!

yesterday. i bonded with dadoo. now i’m waiting for him to pick me up so we can talk more about how doctors are driven by money and it’s a hard-knock-world for everybody. he spent the morning volunteering at a soup kitchen. i spent it watching larry david being called an asshole by many many people.

unlike father, unlike daughter

the sunday morning yoga class at the gym is taught by yogaman. he is amazing. he is funny and flexible. motivated, encouraging and his body is one big easel of tattoo art. i can’t ever talk to him. he’s too perfect in his bubble, untouched by the world. in a happy balance of yoga and personality. the way he flirts with the middle-aged moms and really everyone, even the football players trying to touch their toes, well, it’s gd uplifting is what it is.

standup is now invading my dreams. i dreamed i was auditioning for some comedy thing. and i told a joke about jessica alba having a handicap. and the judges wouldn’t stop laughing. even i didn’t think it was that funny. but they started rolling. literally. all the judges started rolling across the room in little balls. and i was like “is this good or is this bad?” and they were like “we’re rolling! it doesn’t get any better than this!” then they kind of made this ugly human pyramidlooking thing, which also apparently showed they really liked me. the problem was i only told one joke and it was 5 seconds long and they stopped listening after that. too busy rolling. SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT THIS MEANS.
no, the judges weren’t puppies, but who can resist a gratuitous puppy pic?

5 thoughts on “It’s a Plank! It’s a Tree! No, it’s Yogaman!

  1. Aparna says:

    hello flying solo…life is treating me…interestingly? hah, that’s a crap out answermm — paris hilton got in another car accident. how is that not significant!

  2. Yoda says:

    Do you remember the joke you cracked? I have such a hard time remembering my dreams. I would’ve like to have remembered some … 😉

  3. Aparna says:

    the jokes was about jessica alba having a handicap…but she only had one in my dream. it was so mean. i don’t even know what i was thinking.

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