I’m No Smooth Operator

well. work is really slow today. so i’m listening to non-stop streaming love songs, and instead of making the songs about me, i’m just putting myself in the song. like when sade is singing to her “baby,” i make myself sade’s “baby,” her darling, if you will. her voice is so nice. and so are her sentiments. c’mon sade. let’s sway. oh shoot. this next song of hers is how about i’m a cheater and a mistreater and i took her love and she can’t stop crying. well that was a short-lived pipe dream. didn’t even last for two songs. man, sade, why do you have to be so high-maintenance? it was only a brief fling with phil collins. “true colors” is referring to me too, y’know. ooh this one’s a techno remix. k-k-k-krying fo fo fo youyouyouyou. can you dig it?

let’s be honest, i never deserved her

4 thoughts on “I’m No Smooth Operator

  1. Melissa Marie says:

    This reminds me of something some friends and I did for a day back in the 6th grade: we sang songs and replaced every instance of “love” with “drugs.” Made for some interesting remakes.

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