My World Cup Runneth Over

another update. fry my underworked carcass about it tomorrow. i just wanted to put in my two cents about the FIFA WORLD CUP 2006. i’m not a very well-educated sports fan. in fact, in most sports circles, i’m what you would call as dumb as rocks. so i try and do that thing that girls do when they’re not popular enough to get the pressing up-to-the-minute gossip from primary sources and therefore, they make vague side commentary dropping a lot of names and a few broad references giving everyone some kind of peripheral sense of ease that they know what they’re talking about. not that they would ever pick me for a team member on sports trivia night, but at least they’ll let me stay in the bar.

anyway, in short. why i love soccer/futbol commentary:

visual reason

verbal reason (via newsweek from mark starr)
“…after the United States was dismembered 3-0 by the Czech Republic in its World Cup opener Tuesday.”

the czech republic pulled a lorena bobbitt on the u.s.

i’m watching the brazil-croatia game right now. goooooo bodies in motion. i’m rooting for everyone as people first, as alliances second. fancy footwork warms the cockles of my heart. i like the brazilian flag. that’s my commentary. hate it or love it.

3 thoughts on “My World Cup Runneth Over

  1. Yoda says:

    Ugh. I forgot about that game. Hey, do you have a game schedule which is in US time? I’m sick of the ones in GMT.I love soccer. Its the real football.

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