Would You Like Your Bipolar Eggs Sunny Side UpDownUpDownUpDown?

whew. i need escape. if not the actual thing, at least the eau de parfum.

“CALVIN KLEIN created ESCAPE in 1991. It is the result of the following top fragrance notes: peach, apricot and rose lily. The middle notes are: carnation, ylang-ylang and cedar and the base of the fragrance is: vanilla, amber and musk. ESCAPE is recommended for casual use.”

freedom is implied in a musk base with ylang-ylang middle notes

i feel like i just went through an entire laundry cycle of moods. so fresh and so crazy. rinse, repeat. ow. my head is literally and metaphorically hurting. yelp.

i wish i was a cartoon and someone could just flatten me out with this thing and then i could be nice and two-dimensional

this is not as fun

on a bright note, standing outside in the sun visibly improves how i feel almost instantaneously.

yesterday when i was driving home at night on empty streets, suddenly i see this huge white caterpillar of a vehicle weaving its way towards me. seriously. that’s what it looked like. five seconds later, i realized what i was dealing with was a hummer limo. in the suburbs. at 1am. on a tuesday morning. is prom now a weeklong affair/orgy?

offensive. when does it become a butterfly?

someone take me away from here! preferably not in a hummer limo!

2 thoughts on “Would You Like Your Bipolar Eggs Sunny Side UpDownUpDownUpDown?

  1. dink says:

    uh…I dun care how cool it’s supposed to be that thing looks like a damned BUS –a big white bus. bleh. Sorry you’re feeling scrubbed, wrung and pressed … but I bet you LOOK spiffy. 🙂

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