Fight the Power

i’m alive!

so the power went out in our house wednesday night right when i had an hour to kill before going to bed due to excess consumption of foods that bloat. first of all, there was a flicker of luces as if to tease, then there was a slight shudder and an electrical sigh and bam, they went out.

i love local news

“whatever!” i shouted into the darkness, “i’m not BUYING IT.” as if to confirm my skepticism, the power comes back on a minute later. “HA!” i proclaimed triumphantly, extra umph. but the glory was shortlived. the lights promptly went out again and the TV sizzled to an off state, and everything continued staying off long after my scornful scoffs subsided. so there i was, sitting in pitch black, wondering what to do. using a penlight from my dad’s key chain, i cast a blue eye into the darkness, venturing for an answer.

the light pioneers and frontiersmen trust

alright, whatever, i wasn’t scared of no ghosts. well. sorta kinda. suddenly i hear this weary mewling noise from just outside the house. it sounds like a very sad cat. oh dear. i’ve gotta get out of here. it’s creepy. my mother calls out from up above, “are you ok?” “yes,” i peep back, “but was that you making cat noises?” but she’s done with the maternal safety check, off to cozier places.

cat was in a pickle. me as well.

so then i remember my cellphone is a source of light and because i have an hour to kill before exploring my way to bed, i text msg a friend into oblivion. i’m pretty sure he hated me before the flurry of annoying texts, but you know, nothing wrong with adding fuel to the fire. oh wait STUPID SEGUE: another friend of mine told me i flatter myself by thinking anyone could possibly hate me. hating takes time and energy. and most people are too self-absorbed to really be able to take the time to hate someone like me. so yeah that’s probably true.

nothing but love

the point is, using a penlight, i went to the basement and using solely touch techniques, i dug through four years of college junk and located a headlamp from past camping trips. so i strapped it on, dying battery though it had, and then i sat and wrote out some garble which i am now, five days later, typing into the computer. and the answer is yes, if someone could have blogged along the Oregon Trail, they’d sure have done it.

there should be a merit badge for power outages

p.s. if you ever get a chance, brush your teeth by the light of the moon.

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  1. Yoda says:

    <>“if you ever get a chance, brush your teeth by the light of the moon.”<>You mean there’s no real paste?LOL! 😛

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