Weirdness is Genetic

so. in case you guys thought that maybe it’s a bummer living with your parents at 23. i beg to differ. i just engaged in a sunday night fashion shoot. no strings attached. all candid shots. questionable merchandise. my parents were flashing the cameras. i thought for a second about how weird it all was but then i figured it’s just another little something that the internet will just eat up with no complaints.

the results speak for themselves.

my, those are bold fashion choices. lace with wool, seldom cool.

i do believe i’m posing here. the full shot with my arms would have been too majestic for casual consumption.

here we observe the matriarch getting some shutter time. what a fine specimen, crikey.

next time, the models will be IQ tested.

5 thoughts on “Weirdness is Genetic

  1. Aparna says:

    awww thanks guys….dumb donald! you flatter me, sammygee! you guys are so nice. i don’t even know what i was doing but once the shutterclicks started, well. well. well. you know, the ham took over.

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