Save Me From My…Space

work is ever the productive state. i’m just now trying to suck up a chocolate chip from the bottom of a cup with a straw. success will be mine. i can taste it. literally.

this is the food porn equivalent of BARELY LEGAL ASIAN TWINS

everyone’s blog is deliciously interesting after a week away from eeeeeeehnternet! maybe i should leave you guys alone more often. but i enjoy your furry thoughts and snuggly angst too much.

do you ever accidentally put your little flashplayer on loop and, out of sheer distraction and laziness, end up listening to the same song over and over and over for three hours straight? i didn’t like it at first. now i do! it’s practically the soundtrack TO MY LIFE.

this song sounds so familiar

in conclusion, myspace cures self-esteem issues.

message from: murphy
subject line: baby girl Just want to get to known each other
time: 10:37a.m.
content: (oh i think the subject line said all that needed to be said, f’real)

message from: murphy
subject line: baby girl
time: 11:44a.m.
content: looking for real true LOVE

(thanks for clearing that up, homes)


relationships like punch in face over and over and over

4 thoughts on “Save Me From My…Space

  1. Yoda says:

    I’m so scared of my player repeating songs that I can’t ever relax while listening to a playlist. I have to set it to STOP after the last song. I may have a psycho disorder!Didn’t you have that car audio system that played the same 90s song over and over?

  2. Aparna says:

    i kind of like looping. maybe that’s a testament to my brain. i also eat things obsessively until i’m totally sick of them.

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