No Tracking Mud or Angst in the House

welcome home

i’m housesitting for a week and a half. starting today. i get a dog. and a tomato garden. homemade salad dressing. a lock with buttons on it. and an entire township to explore. a new commute. new pedestrians to curse. new drivers to curse me when i’m walking.

i only packed one change of clothes but i kind of don’t want to go home. for awhile. nothing against my parents. but because i like starting with nothing. and cutting a few strings. see how the puppet holds up.

i might have forgotten to tell them i’m not coming home for awhile. a call shall be placed. HBO shall be watched. new noises will be worried about. i can claim independence for a lil bit. it will be refreshingly the same and blissfully different.

i’m starting to feel like i have no face. do you ever feel like you lack a face?

i might throw a tea party for the dog and i. to explore. to explore. to explore.

comedy audience says, “aparna, we eat jokes like yours for breakfast. with glue. cuz otherwise they don’t even stay down.” (diss)

4 thoughts on “No Tracking Mud or Angst in the House

  1. Yoda says:

    Cool, I’ve always wanted to house sit. Well, as long as the owners have cable and Internet 🙂 Sounds like you have a doggie to keep you company … don’t forget the plastic bags when walking him/her! Almost 50% Chicagoans leave their bags behind. Ugh.

  2. C says:

    just a heads up, if you see someone at the window wearing a hockey mask it might be me. but it miiight nottttt…..haha, kidding. i’m gonna come keep you company one of these days. yay!

  3. Aparna says:

    yoda — yes the plastic bags have led to much nosepinching. ugh. dink — i think i’ve overflupped the dog’s ears but until she protests, flupping i will continue. c — you better come over in a hockey mask.

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