Hey Pal, Gimme a Hand Here. Thanks. Chomp Chomp Chomp.

yesterday, this guy i know started eating his arm out of the blue. yesterday, it seemed preposterous. this morning, when i was emptying dog food into the little shebeast’s bowl, i found it revolting, mainly the gelatinous globs encasing the parched clumps of turkey. right now, both eating my arm and/or unprocessed meat seem mildly appealing. it’s time to make haste to subway. the mass transit of lunchers everywhere.

it starts with a finger

p.s. shebeast and i are starting to get along. even if she made me go on an exhausting poo hunt this morning. one component that has put her in my good graces is that she can do marvelous stretchy things with her legs. it’s incredible. she can completely flatten herself into a black-curly haired pancake. i’ve never seen anything like it. i try to collect a circle of acquaintances with a variety of talents. i don’t discriminate in the species-sense.

she does this, but even better!

best blog quote of today (courtesy of matt j.):
“I delivered something to my boss today, and there was a parrot sitting on her head. I wasn’t surprised by the fact that there was a parrot sitting on her head though. I was surprised that she was wearing a different outfit than usual.”

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