Last-Ditch Attempt to Post Useless Update

oh shoo. i forgots to update today. that’s not cool. that’s not ok. fix it, aparna, fix it. i’m on it, boss!

here. have some juicy tidbit morsels.

do you ever remember those certain people in high school or elementary school or WHATEVER who you interacted with, and now, when you think of them, you’re like “did that person actually exist or not?” it’s somewhat depressing that these people made such an impact on your development that now you aren’t sure if they’re real or not. but then again, i’m probably that person for someone else. ha. they probably don’t even remember me. so calm on down.

if you’re not on friendster, you’re not a real person

kudos to humble people. they’re really top-notch. i would lavishly praise them but then they might not stay humble. so instead i treat them with apathy in the hopes they will remain humble and lovable forever. it’s ok. this is how i rationalize my own lack of praise. so calm on down.

if it’s humble pie, i’ll have all of it

shoutout to little black dog. please don’t pee on the floor tonight. i know it’s a lot to ask because i’m coming home late and i’ll be in debt to you in terms of tummyrubs but be a doll, won’t you? i know you peed on the floor this morning but that was my fault. totally my fault. tonight will be my fault too. but if your bladder has never completed a random act of kindness, now is the time. NOW IS THE TIME. so calm on down.

what the heck is this? i’ll buy 5 of them

well. what else? here’s a wild and zany link for your perusal. maybe it’s not that wild and zany. now i’m turning into one of those people who’s like “look at me! i’m crazy! just look at how crazy i am! is anybody crazier than me?” as a comedian i saw recently pointed out, this person is often also the person who always wears a hawaiian shirt to work on casual friday.

that’s enough.

4 thoughts on “Last-Ditch Attempt to Post Useless Update

  1. Melissa Marie says:

    Friendster: I signed up last week, ready to resign this week. The only messages I get are from people in freakin’ California. Anywho, I used to know a Commie who wore Hawaiian t-shirts to work.

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