Talkin’ about Feelings and Stuff

after a lackluster day in the inspirational sense, it just hit me like a sack of potted plants, ending in a shower of damp dirt and lost potential for growth.

people not reading my posts.

they feel the need to POINT it out. it’s a stab to my heartmeat.

“i haven’t been reading your blog/i can’t read your blog anymore.”

“it’s too long. too many pictures.”

“i’ve been deleting everybody from my blogroll anyway. whatever.”

“so i haven’t been reading your blog lately, what’s new?”

“i just usually look at the pictures.”

have you ever gotten this?

well it hurts. but then i realize they wouldn’t say it just to be mean, would they? could they? should they? but then, i was like ‘man, writing is a self-indulgence in itself.’ i like to pretend i have this audience that licks up my words like fingers after cake frosting application but really, who has the time?
i don’t mind so much anymore. self-absorption bubble. pop away! i dare you! the fact that most people have a second to reach out of their ego shower to get a toweling-off (this is not meant to sound sexual) from the outside world is refreshing in and of itself. i’ll take handouts! money for beer!

“you need to take a good look at yourself!
talkin funny and lookin funny and talkin bout NOBODY LOVES ME
~”Help Me Somebody” by david byrne & brian eno + reverend paul morton as interpreted by dan mash

6 thoughts on “Talkin’ about Feelings and Stuff

  1. Anonymous says:

    when they lick, they ain’t lickin up words like fingers of frosting.they’re lickin up something else.i thought you would have felt it.

  2. Yoda says:

    No, I haven’t got that … People just dissappear from my blog. But it really doesn’t bother me who’s reading my blog, who’s not. Really, I simply don’t care.As for your blog … I’ve been lapping it up 🙂 Genuinely funny. Your choice of these pics is amazing along with the comments. I sometimes fwd these (in a separate email) to my gang, and let me tell you — they love it!Write on gal!

  3. Anonymous says:

    that’s fucked up that you also know dan. anyway he’s said that line to me before and i think it’s JUDGE not “loves.”he’s been gone for a while, i thought.

  4. dink says:

    what I get is email that says “I read your blog, but don’t have time to comment.”.. and this from close friends. It wouldn’t take any longer to make a brief comment in my blog than to write that they can’t in an email, yanno?Oh well. I’ve never been clear about why I’m blogging. I started as a way of writing for fun during a really brutal drudge of a contract assignment. I’m not sure I need readers but yeah it can feel like talking to yourself in an empty room. bleh. Since we’re talking about blog irritations on the flipside it bugs me to death when I comment in someone else’s blog (never yours, A!) and get no response at all–once or twice okay, but consistently? Very sucky.I think those of us that read your blog are the lucky ones in on a little secret funny piece of coolness. yep.

  5. Aparna says:

    anon — keep in line! yes you have been gone for awhile. yoda — how can you not care?! man, i guess you’re just not an attention whore like myself. dink — you are my shining star not-so-secret reader of joy!

  6. Melissa Marie says:

    I feel the blog bruise, but I have stalkers. A few guys who creep me out. I, too, need to make new friends–but dammit, it’s hot and people are even more miserable than they were before.

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