Friends with Benefits Means a 401K and Dental, Right?

i need to make some more pals.

it’s hard work.

it’s not even that i don’t have enough people with whom to hang out.

i probably have more than enough.

but i need to meet new people.

i have a craving for another slice of humanity pie, but different toppings.

it’s weird. you’d think enough slices and you’d be satisfied.

but no. nonononono. i need new ages, different settings, cranked up megawatt facial twitches.

friends rock!

and right now it’s tough. the heat. people are angry, cranky, sleepy. all of the above. how to make it happen.

but is there ever a good time?

to stick your foot in a neighbor’s door and plop yourself on their couch. and make them handle your problems. HANDLE THEM.

have a seat, headcase

where did that come from? this post started out all fun and games, and now the birthday girl is crying, the little brother dropped the marzipan cake and the pinata combusted.

houston, we have a situation.

i’m going to stand on a corner and panhandle for friendship/evites.

nothing says camaraderie and belonging like an evite

4 thoughts on “Friends with Benefits Means a 401K and Dental, Right?

  1. Anonymous says:

    definitely this is the wrong place to be, there’s blood on the futon there’s a kid drinkin fire. goin down to the sea they got people to meet, shakin hands with themselves, lookin out for themselveswhen they ask you for credit give them a branch, when they want you to get it, chew on the grass i know i know— cause they told me to tell you: there’s nothing to tell you, there’s nothing to sell the afternoon, riding the scapegoat, burning equipment decomposing– cool off your jets, take off your sweats i got a funny feeling…they got plastic in the afterlifewhen they want you to cry leap into the sky, when they suck your mind like a pigeon you fly, i know i know it’s the positive people runnin from their time lookin for some feeling.

  2. Aparna says:

    anonymous — there’s nothing to sell when there’s nothing to tell. what happened to the rocketfuel analogy? kaputzo? i’m lookin’ for feeling but not for you to make an innuendo ship crash and burn in a comment box.dink — thanks! now where’s my pie?sammy — danken schoen.

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