Sundresses Will Get You Everything Sunny-Side Up

i call the shots around here! you hear me?! I DO.

that being said, i’m going to go get my brunch on. it’s a ridiculous meal for ridiculous people such as myself. and yuppies. yuppies LOVE brunch. it fits their lifestyle. it’s the perfect post-yoga treat. unless you’re the one yuppie snogging the yoga teacher. in which case, it’s best you don’t make your meals public affairs. but there’s always the inside corner booth. for indiscretions.

oh. mimosa me immediately. i must tell you of my pool boy.

yes. i’m wearing a sundress. the world collectively oohs.

yesterday on the mean streets of baltimore, a car drove by us and said “hey ladies!” and then a car drove by us and one cheeky lad said “ew! no!” being humbled is pretty rad.

on another note, i need to figure out who in my life is in it for what. i’ve had quite a few cameos on my sitcom, and i don’t much pay attention to those. but as for the recurring guests and the regulars, i’ve got to figure out what makes them tick. maybe i can develop their roles more and make their parts more interesting. SEE? i call the shots, but i’m still a team player.

unemployed again as of next friday. it’s time to get 5 more hobbies, finagle a shrink and take a typing test.

typing is like dancing for the fingers

4 thoughts on “Sundresses Will Get You Everything Sunny-Side Up

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m with you here, sundresses hold ALL the power. Mwahahahaha! *cough*Oh, Mimosas are my bestest friends in the whole world, for various reasons…

  2. Aparna says:

    i’ve never had a mimosa. i think i gotta fix that immediately, if not sooner. sundresses are indeed supernatural pieces of cloth…

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