Squaredowns and Roundups

thursday realizations:

i just need someone who can write paragraphs. even just one long one. i realize it’s a lot to ask. oh and they have to be clever. i should just quit while i’m ahead. even childishly clever. ok i wish i could quit. but i can’t.

i am no longer upset by making a bad first impression.

recent developments:

my dad landed a temp job. me = still looking.

my parents drove to kentucky today, no strings attached.

my friend is coming to visit. oh!

my mother fell down like a wet noodle against the wall yesterday. i waited 5 seconds to make sure she was fine and then burst out laughing. she started it.

pie of choice: chocolate cream.

now get the hell outta here.

5 thoughts on “Squaredowns and Roundups

  1. Anonymous says:

    “i just need someone who can write paragraphs. even just one long one.”no no, you know what would be cool? someone who can express that need with the VERY ACT OF HANDING OUT THE GOODS. cause one good turn deserves another.instead of squeakin and moanin about it feelin sorry for themselves for bein on the grind, with a bunch of chumps throwin in the towel, throwin in a bunch of one-off one-liners.cause you know what you’ll be thinkin, sittin in some bar, “Aiwwish correspondents played harder-to-get.” *glug**glug*

  2. Yoda says:

    <>“my parents drove to kentucky today, no strings attached.”<>No kidding? It would have to be pretty darn long string otherwise :-p

  3. Aparna says:

    i did hand out the goods! glug glug glug. there were no biters. but you’re right. i’ll quit the moanin’ and the groanin’.yoda — no string for you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah no biters, just lickers. i know.if that.there’s the rowdy loudmouths, then the biters, then the lickers, then the dead fish, then the lame fuckarounds. i used to send some paragraphs to folks who pretended they could handle it but they were actually wishing for the cheapneasy opposite. then when they got the cheapneasy opposite they didn’t like it so much and wanted the opposite and told me to drop dead.which i did, and then they wanted the opposite.one person i’m thinking of even deleted all the correspondence from our glory days– which was like hundreds of pages on both our parts that they supposedly liked. liked at some place, at some time.Crazy, That, Eh?i mean whoa.

  5. Anonymous says:

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