Crack (of Dawn) Baby

oh. oh! ohhhhhhh.

the absurdism of a saturday night makes me remember the world still has a few good tricks up his sleeves. at least enough to keep me coming back.

scrappy. i felt scrappy like a bunch of used car parts shimmied together into something short-term and functional. and my hair was obeying my psychic commands to not frizz. this was key.

my friend luci and i went to a comedy show, ate bad food, walked circles around the nightlife part of town and then ended up at a bar where we were mildly harrassed by an old russian man with long flowing hair in a half-bun and insistent dance moves, and happily entertained by the bartender.

i had a gumball, but then the gum stuck to my hand when i tried to dispose of it.

the bar’s dancefloor was crazy land. interracial couples were the norm. there were only those. plus all kinds of gyrating participants. a salsa couple. they were salsa-ing to every song played, despite the lack of salsa music. then there were the slow dancers. as well as the asian spazzes. they were spazzy in an incredibly watchable way.

then we got on a subway car with three other youths. they were candid in their drunken intentions. one of them couldn’t look you in the eye. his eyes were zigzagging all over the place. he had soot on his face. they implored company in a callous nonchalant way, but we soon informed them they were going the wrong way. and they realized we were right. and bid us fare thee well. they will remember nothing.

i am so tired now my eyes keep hitting the keyboard. but i’m doing an experiment. and i have to hold out for a few more hours. so i’m walking around the empty house with a giant blanket wrapped around me, gliding from room to room noiselessly switching between music video mindless viewing and weighing my eyelids as they flicker on my face.

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