Burning Questions to Think About When You Pee, But Other Times Too

i love it when someone clearly doesn’t like you and then you keep being nice to them until they grudgingly act nice back in order to be adult about the situation. then you dance around them and say “i told you so!” i love that.

boo ya!

you know what else i love? making cookies for people and then eating them all myself to make sure there’s nothing wrong with each one before sharing them with the group. did this actually happen? mayhaps! me no tell. distended belly keeps no secrets though.

i love when self-assured people do well. i also love when underdogs do well. i also love when cocky people are right. i also love when unsure people are right. basically, i like a nice mix. like chex. now that’s a great mix right there.

the snack that keeps on giving.

speaking of mixes, have you ever been listening to a tape and/or cd mix in the car and you’re like “damn this shit is hoooottt” and then you realize you made the mix and the world order is still in place? yeah. that’s feel-good right in the heart region.

i also love when you do something offputting in front of eye candy. there’s nothing like remembering the world order is still in place.

i can’t decide how best to reject potential suitors. how would you most like to be rejected? straightforwardly? sideways? with avoidance? with a slap to the gut? a slap to the cheek? with a letter? with a waiver? with a gift basket? ugh i love that people will give you pointers on how you could have rejected them ‘better.’ i’ve done it. and i haven’t been the first.

this best sums up my head during any and all past, present and future romantic boy + me relationships. thank you, dorothy parker.

how long can you keep salon hair before you are proclaimed a nasty?

even your comb hates you

ok. i think i’ve done enough anthropological investigation for one day. who am i now, margaret mead?! please. she had a J-O-B.

4 thoughts on “Burning Questions to Think About When You Pee, But Other Times Too

  1. Melissa Marie says:

    I’ll be doing a lot of thinking as I drive today. I’m meeting up with my married friends tonight, you know, the ones who leave the house only once a month–and even then they’re minus make-up, wearing sweats, and envy my single status. Oh, how the shoe is on the other foot now! Ok, so not sweats…but they look dragged out, nonetheless.

  2. Ox says:

    Have you ever been driving along, thinking about what life is all about and forget where you are and where you’re going!? I love that! I also love knowing where I’m going! haha! Being unemployed tends to bring out the best thoughts in a person. Hell, what else can we do when we have no job but think!!!

  3. Aparna says:

    melissa marie — well you best keep it fresh then. since you are representing the single world to them…ox — you’re right. i can’t stop thinking. GAH.

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