ISO Sugar Daddy And/Or Motivation


my laziness is becoming a little intrusive in terms of getting things done.

these are lazy pants. so am i.

i took a job assessment this morning and COULD NOT HELP but answer all the questions as honestly as i felt today. as in “do you like work?” — strongly disagree. “do you share ideas with your supervisors?” — disagree. “do you enjoy getting things done?” — neutral. “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” — strongly disagree.

hahahhhhh. i think i came across as a hugely depressive hermetic sociopath.

don’t cry for me, unemployment. the truth is i nevvver left you.

yeah. robin says “holy bad idear, batman!”

disappointed in his lack of control over his life, batman hangs his head in shame

that’s ok though. sometimes the hardest thing is making hay while the sun shines. and it’s cloudy. so we’ve got that one covered. i just feel like walking around like a small troll going “sucka sucka sucka sucka sucka sucka sucka.” don’t read into it. it only makes sense if you’re unemployed, failing at your hobbies and generally holding your breath for myspace messages that you will then wait 7 minutes to respond to, because that is all the willpower you have left. but this is starting to sound a little dire, even for me.

sucka sucka sucka

instead of feeling like a loser, i feel like i’m in a self-indulgent coming-of-age independent film and really starting to GET myself. go figure. thank you, low-budget artists with vision.

i’m going to try and pick up coffee store guy tomorrow. or get a job. you know, whatever feels right in the morning.

also tomorrow is filled with social engagements cleverly disguised as well-deserved rewards for me being so productive and self-sustaining. so you betcha i feel like a trophy wife. (eye appointment = botox, coffee store boy = pool boy, meal engagements = benefit coordination committee meetings, class in evening = getting my GED, woot woot).

4 thoughts on “ISO Sugar Daddy And/Or Motivation

  1. Aparna says:

    ox — ha. ha. joke’s on me.yoda — one of little faith!krissy — thanks for reading and for the tip! i was actually kidding about the GED, but maybe you were kidding about the tip?

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