Shameless Famedropping

hey! i called my friend today so he could wish me a happy birthday, and left a message. yeah, sometimes you have to initiate. but anyway i learned the following when he called back:

1) he was calling me from the emmy’s.
2) he was wearing a tuxedo.
3) he was waiting in the korean BBQ line, which was listed as B-rate food, so food poisoning was a possiblity.
4) he broke an emmy statue the day before by accident! one wing fell clean off.
5) he was schmoozing with celebrities, and is going to go to the governor’s ball AND the HBO party AND the after party AND the hotel lobby. he’s also meeting the cast of grey’s anatomy later.
6) his friend won an emmy for tv editing.
7) he would soon be seated inside!

he broked it!

people i know and even people i don’t know should more often call me from high-profile scenes. it raises their net value greatly. *knowing chuckle*

2 thoughts on “Shameless Famedropping

  1. Yoda says:

    Holy Goldilocks!Recently the closest I’ve been to a celeb was last November when Sheryl Crow held a private concert for some conference attendees. I was like within 10-15 feet from her.Look what that proximity did to her:1. broke up with Lance.2. got breast cancer.3. made a sorry-ass album after recovery.I’m no good for celebs 🙁

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