Bipolar Elevator Going UP, All Aboard!


i ate pad thai for lunch until it was coming out the ears. against the teachings of most appetite scientists, the last bite was as good as the first.
i gossiped with my mother and sister (that’s 6 x-chromosomes. HOLLER.) mostly about weird male indian kids we know and their prospects of marriage.
i bought new clothes that i can’t afford. one of the shirts looks like a sack. always pushing the envelope on fashion.
i guilted my mother into buying me an emo cd. and i will cry when i hear it. fanTAStic.
i erased 4 male phone numbers from my cellphone. i feel so joyous about this, i cannot speak. good riddance.

this all adds up to awesome porridge. the opposite of outrage soup.

please sir, may i have some more?

and all this despite my doubts concerning the consideration of the comfort factor in designing sports bras for women.

6 thoughts on “Bipolar Elevator Going UP, All Aboard!

  1. Anonymous says:

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