I Should Be Ashamed of Myself…Should Being the Key Word

i’m the black sheep of the family!

my father commutes 90 minutes each way to work starting at 5:30 in the morning every day. his days off are for home improvement, balancing the bills and general manual labor.

my mother brings her work everywhere including to tropical islands. she gets a secret thrill from going to work on federal holidays. and snow days for that matter.

my sister just left today for a year of social work in india. all she took was a big backpack and a little backpack.

i wake up late every single day, look for jobs, write jokes, do the dishes, delete boys’ phone numbers, go for runs, occasionally drag myself to yoga and update my blog.

and they’re still proud of me. i help in little ways though. i do the dishes. i clean up spills (usually my fault). i bring the mail (sometimes). i tell them stories using rapidfire hand motions for maximal enjoyment. i come with them to parties so the other families can inspect me as a potential bride. i do not cook but i eat my share.

in fact, i just switched from formula to gerbers. high-five me.

eventually i’ll switch to pull-ups training pants. the straight-up diapers are starting to chafe. i can’t wait.

8 thoughts on “I Should Be Ashamed of Myself…Should Being the Key Word

  1. Anonymous says:

    More shame: ripping off other peoples photos without permission or even credit, obviously they didn’t teach copyright in your journalism course.

  2. Candy says:

    Heck, you shouldn’t be ashamed! You know how to, um, appreciate life’s absurdities and not stress yourself out. Yeah, that’s it… that’s the sort of stuff I tell myself while going through this job hunting deal. I’m not going to push to become a workaholic.Your blog is very entertaining, btw. Keep up the good work! I came across you randomly through another DC blog. I was surfing around *ahem* “searching for jobs”.

  3. Aparna says:

    anonymous — you’re right. though i am not alone in my wicked ways, you raise an obvious point. thanks for being my conscience.candy — thank you! the job search will only consume you if you let it. it’s better to keep up the devil-may-care attitude in life though it seems to get me in trouble more often than not (see above comment). in any case, i am going to add your blog on my blog list. it’s a great read.

  4. Aparna says:

    yoda — it’s true. and yet, here i am again, picking up the bottles.candy — thanks!!m.m. — you’re covered for the rest of the year as far as i’m concerned.ashley — amen, sister. apologies for lameass responses. i’ve got a deadline. yes, even the unemployed have them.

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