Labor Day Preshow

oh wow. i am on some chunky deadline. so i will be brief.

recently spotted:

–asian monk rubbing his own bald head for good luck.
–man teaching aerobics to empty class. he had his headset on and everything.
–excessive hand gesturing during storytelling by children.
–old man’s bottom falling towards my face. he was trying out a hip new dance move.
–babies having babies.

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ok the last one was a lie but it’s fun to say. try it. especially if you just keep it going. start a trend. like the wave.

bad foodie joke of the day:
what is the opposite of dim sum?
dim zippity zilch. they cart around trays with empty containers of steaming nothing and crispy zeros filled with the absence of shrimp, and ask if you want anything. you leave empty with an even bigger dent in your wallet.

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