Got Moo-lah?

here are two laudable pieces of information:

1. i ordered a cup of milk from starbuck’s yesterday. with vanilla in it. i got a kick out of that. starbuck’s was not too happy. who orders a cup of milk from starbuck’s? they had to acknowledge finally just how badly they were overcharging me. if you live next door to a starbuck’s, don’t ask to borrow a cup of milk. just go to the condiments stand and pour some sugar in your pockets and feel vindicated. *disclaimer: i am not endorsing this. just suggesting it.*

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mmm…does a wallet bad

anyway i talked about it at standup and they loved it. they didn’t love my actual jokes though. weird. people are so fickle. sometimes you just want to grab ’em and smooch ’em right on the lips just to see what they might do. probably cry.

2. my cousin’s wrap-up of dancing with shakira at the VMA’s:

“The VMA’s themselves were kind of exciting too – a few celebrities walked by when we were waiting to go on stage and wished us good luck – Justin Timberlake and T.I. were both pseudo flirtatious (and you can only imagine what an honor it is to get hit on by T.I.), Jay Z was cool, he wished us luck as well, and then Paris Hilton walked by too. Oh yeah, and I always forget about this, but you know Jason Lee? from that show My Name is Earl and an assortment of other random unmemorable movies? Well, they put oil on all the Shakira girls to make them shiny on stage, so he sort of brushed by everyone, then started joking around about how he had enough oil to grease his hair. So I guess that was kind of weird/funny/…weird.

Then there were a bunch of people we saw up close but didn’t interact with at all…P Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Pharell, Ludacris…..and Stephen from Laguna Beach. He actually interviewed some of the Shakira girls. So much random nonsense. But it was a good time, pretty memorable, and a once in a lifetime thing, so I’m glad I got to experience it.”

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