OMG Don’t Strt w/Me 4 Real!

so occasionally in life, we have lapses of judgment.

right, we all do. no biggie.

except when they make you laugh. then you have to write about them.

so awhile back, someone sent me an email saying i could get FREE TXT MSGS and CHAT W/ALL MY FRNDS via this free text-messaging service. a good person just thought of me and passed it on to me. i know, amazing. and so rare.

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well i don’t know how and i don’t know why but i signed up for this free texting account. and life hasn’t been the same since. every day, approximately at lunchtime, i get a text message on my phone along the lines of “fuddyduddy322 says: hey cutie, wutz up? hope ur day is sunny!” and then there are instructions to either stop getting msgs from this particular user or to reply.

i never reply. because i’m the true fuddyduddy.

the point is this has been going on for the last 3 months or so. but as of recent, as if the text messaging service knows i’m not sending texts nor responding to any that i receive, the messages are starting to get weirder. yesterday, for instance, i got this: “s1ivemillion says: no i don’t think so” followed by this “ernest9034 says: u should work on ur smile.” and today i got “piggles says: yes but no but.”

what does it mean? what does it all mean? it means NO MORE FREE TXT MSGING svcs disparaging my self-esteem one abbreviation at a time.

“daaaaaaamn…why you got to waste my flava?” ~seth green as kenny in that age-old classic “can’t hardly wait.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Once upon a time, when I was a wide-eyed, newly employed, impressionable and a tad foolish 23 yr old, I had an unlimited txt msg plan. Me & my homies would msg from morn till night.Nowadays, I hate typing on that ugly number/keypad. I’m old, aren’t I?šŸ™Yoda.

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