Star Fever

i’m a fan of these guys. you should be too.

courtesy of YouTube and Barats and Bereta.

in my life, well, i remembered why i’m not allowed to buy lucky charms. because yesterday, with my hand wrist-deep in a box of cereal, i walked to the bathroom and took a good long look in the mirror, at the smattering of marshmallow and oat bit crumbs all over my face and shirt, and sighed. they are magically delicious, but what a monster they’ve made of me. but then again, mon-ster, or mon-STAR?!

courtesy of The U.S. State Department
(i’m serious)

2 thoughts on “Star Fever

  1. Melissa Marie says:

    I am still a big fan of Corn Pops. I am sure that I confuse supermarket checkout peeps with my weird mix of organic burritos, whole grain breads, soy milk, tofutti, and then Corn Pops. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Great YouTube!

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