An Occasional Big Apple Keeps the Doctor at Bay

what a weekend it’s been! bipolar elevator…going ooop!

no but seriously. it is. no but seriously. come on. i was in valley. now i stomp out of it. to peak. for a peak-neek. with lemonade, triscuits and puppy frolics. and fresh batteries. there’s nothing like fresh batteries to recharge your spirit. i prefer kirkland signature brand.

this is a Kirkland Signature brand puppy. or at least, the same quality.
courtesy of

seriously come on as i tell of my journey. i was in nyc for a rush visit so i definitively didn’t get to see everyone i wanted to see. blah blah. tears and jeers. but i did get the nice-ole-spit-in-your-face-piss-on-your-shoe nyc welcome that i love.

happenings and occurrences:

–man tried to scam his way onto chinatown bus. was thrown off in impeccable mafia-style fashion. was later identified as same scammer from two weeks prior. and they say security is bad these days. HAR dee har. not on the chinatown bus it ain’t!

–met a cellist on my way up to nyc. was my bus seat accomplice. is a working artist. gave me his business card. he had me at the business card. i am an impressionable creature.

dashing, isn’t it?
courtesy of Argonne National Laboratory

–ate a salad in the food emporium in nyc while watching the rain pour down. it came with a free water. $1.29 is the new free.

–watched an unemployed lady get in a fight with a man on the subway. she made a loud declaration of “ladies and gentlemen, i have two starving kids at home. any donations would be much appreciated.” he said “shut up.” she said “you shut up. you. shut. up. YOU SHUT UP. nobody tells me to shut up.” he said “who cares? shut up already.” she said “WHAT?! even my mother doesn’t tell me to shut up. i’m a grown-a## motherf*$(ing woman. i will fight you. be glad you’re on this train right now. YOU SHUT UP. tell me to shut up again. just do it.” he said “yeah, shut up.” then they both got off the train. performance art is so convincing in big cities.

–my friend took me to a prereleased film screening at her film school. then there was a q&a with the director and the screenwriter after the film. can you say ‘felt special?’ then we went to a comedy show where the audience got majorly heckled by the comics. i wanted to dance out of pure joy.

–i brunched with friends at a euro-cafe. after food was consumed and frappes were slurped, we sat in the sun and actively leisured. when one of us tried to move, the others pinned said deviant down and whispered haikus in restless ears.

–i watched a zach braff movie that involved a lot of indie, not enough reality. i will go so far as to say however that it was an attempt at something. somehow through its grim outlook on love, i found myself strangely inspired. in the “well, screw it” sense. the little college girl made me want to bite someone’s ear off. it was a startling mike tyson-zen moment.

–my friend and i went to sephora, and while she went for subtle azure tones, i redid my clown makeup in full.

dashing, isn’t it?
courtesy of National Institute of Health

–there were some hijinks in making it back to the chinatown bus to return to dc but getting a red bean paste roll for 70 cents ensures happy yumyum time for all.

–trip synopses rule hard.

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