Regression? Priceless.

i went to the public library after my job interview today. i sat in the kids’ book circle. i wrestled a picture book out of a tot’s slimy paws. i perused the LARGE PRINT section for an inordinately long amount of time. i took deep breaths in the fantasy section (it should be called “fantasty” and i’m not even a fan of the stuff). i got a new library card, and best of all,

i rented* “the giant baby” by allan ahlberg.

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“Breakfast followed. The giant baby sat raised up to the table on an easy chair with pillows and cushions wedged in around him. He looked bigger than ever, and had an appetite to match. (Alice, fascinated by his capacity, kept bringing him more.) Presently, Mr. Hicks arrived for his breakfast.

‘Any toast?’

‘Sorry, dear, the baby’s had it all.’

‘Cornflakes, then.’

‘No. All gone.’







Mr. Hicks stared gloomily at his empty plate. Alice was crouched behind the baby’s chair playing ‘Peepo!’ with him. The baby, amused and bemused by her swift comings and goings, gesticulated with his spoon.


‘Careful, Alice,’ said her mum.

‘Peepo!’ cried Alice.


‘You’ll get him all…’

Bang! The baby’s spoon came down and shattered a cornflakes bowl.


Mr. Hicks surveyed the wreckage and rescued a couple of cornflakes.”

oh this story is delicious.

*why do we call it ‘renting movies and checking out books?’…i shall now solely ‘rent books and check out movies!’

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