Precious Moments

a. i just participated in the all-staff photo, in which we cheesed in front of a fountain in our solidarity t-shirts. it’s my second day. weird timing.

b. i was just introduced to someone and they held my hand for far longer than the appropriate handshake and release time. in fact, she still held onto my hand as she continued conversing with the person who introduced the two of us. not shaking it, just holding it, not limply, but with slight fervor. what might have been thoughtless on her part engendered a sense of warmth in me. i felt protected for a few seconds in this new environment in which hands are sometimes held, not just shaken.

sometimes it’s more than just a handshake
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2 thoughts on “Precious Moments

  1. Ox says:

    They say you can read a person by their handshake. Strong handshakes tells you the person is confident and strong. Wimpy handshakes tells you the person is meek and easily dominated. My advice, shake hands with everyone at the new job and everyone with a wimpy handshake, make them your personal ASSistant. Or what we say in the army….your personal bitch! HAHA!

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