Well, Color Me Disappointed!

being new at work is weird when week 2 begins because people stop shouting WELCOME, WE ARE SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU! WELCOME WELCOME! *handshake, handshake, traditional bow, platonic hug* of course, that was weird too.

the point is, i need to make some friends, and fast.

this morning i saw a dude in the hallway. one of many dudes. but i smiled perfunctorily, thinking nothing of it.

THEN when i just went out now to get a nip of macchiato to sustain my afternoon productivity, i saw him sitting at one of the sunny lunch tables outside the building COLORING A PICTURE OF CARTOONS as he ate his lunch.

in case you didn’t get that, i saw this manchild diligently COLORING A PICTURE OF CARTOONS with a fully stocked box of oil pastels as he ate his lunch.

army of fun soldiers
courtesy of Presentation Pictures.

i started running to get my coffee so i could have some fine introductory glacier-cracking words with him when i came back.

when i returned to the very spot, he was gone.

did i dream him? was he real? i am kicking myself now for not stopping at first sight. unfortunately, i am consoling myself by thinking he was just fulfilling an art therapy requirement for his shrink, rather than raising any kind of inner foster child.

we could have had something special. me with my ripped-up non-work-appropriate burlap sack pants, him with his fancy crayons.

meanwhile i continue to have countless awkward elevator and hallway interactions a day. and yes, you can hear me coming a mile away with my shuffling shredded pant rags announcing the arrival of the insecure hesitant new hire.

7 thoughts on “Well, Color Me Disappointed!

  1. sammygeerock says:

    Finger’s crossed, I’m going to be in the exact situation come 2 weeks form now. I can only hope there is some hottie finger apinting on her lunch break. But you give me hope for the improbable but surrealy possible!

  2. Melissa Marie says:

    First day in my new office. I was bored to tears. One guy cute there, though, but I think he’s gay. Just my luck. I wonder what the coloring book guy would have said…

  3. Ox says:

    and what did we learn from this? the next time u see anyone of my kind partaking in artwork……TALK! We don’t bite…hard….unless you ask us to! hahaanyways…i took ur advice and updated!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    i mean seriously it’s a big problem. i get up on stage with an instrument, or nothing but a microphone, and rightaway people start shoutingYOU BITE!!! You BITE. HARD!and sometimes not rightaway, but after a few minutes, as if they’re letting it sink in.

  5. Aparna says:

    sammygee — here’s hoping!melissa marie — noooo! bored to tears ain’t good! coloring book guy says ‘buy crayons!’ox — finally!anon — don’t worry. your secret’s safe with me. dink — brilliance! i can’t say the idea didn’t cross my mind.

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