Kudos Evolution! You Done Good.

SWOOOOOOOOON. i just saw the most breathtaking corporate executive speak. his eyes are a cerulean blue and they crinkle in the corners when he smiles, which he does in between each of his handsome breaths; and now that we’re talking about his smile, it’s simply a gorgeous gospel choir of teeth singing praises to his face; his charm could induce any man, woman or animal to immediately adopt his MO for success, or really, to do anything; he’s funny without even trying to be one smidgeon entertaining (just, sigh, born that way). i could have just listened to him talk about training strategies for corporations FOREVER. after you’re in his presence, you can’t stop smiling giddily like an idiot, but you don’t even care.

seriously, all the travesties of prototypes of men, past, present and future, are forgiven in the creation of this one.

molto bene!

[applause break]

in equally snuggly news, i accidentally just dumped a cup of fabric softener in the wash instead of a capful! i hope the clothes don’t come out as cottonballs and teddy bears, but then again, worse things could happen (flashback to 6th grade burlap undergarments fad).

what used to be my jeans
courtesy of Safe Shopper

useless statistic: yesterday, i threw a bunch of sunflower seeds at my face, and only 1 in 4 made it to the promised land.

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