this weekend was awesome times awesome. and it’s rare to have such weekends when one can so easily become mired in the bump and grind of life coupled with the constant existential crisis that is your twenties (a loveless marriage, to be sure), so i have to remember that they do happen. and can happen again. and will happen again. ok i believe that was sufficiently sentimental for a monday morning. especially a monday morning when federal employees are at home and i am at work!

occasions of greatness (i.e., festivus)

~went to an improv show and two men became owls IMing each other. it was beautiful. don’t think about it too hard. it makes your head spin. metaphorically.

~had bieramisu (tieramisu with beer in it), don’t think about it too hard. it makes your head spin. literally.

~dished men with girls and gays. diagnosis catharsis. was making eyes at a preppy white boy all night who, in turn, made eyes at a baseball game on tv. at the end of the night, he put his hand possessively around a girl he had been ignoring all night. ahhhh negligent relationship #5234790-54b enjoys another night out “together.”

this is love
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~went to improv class! whee. it’s like fisher price my first kitchen for big kids minus fake food/appliances and preassigned roles, plus with extra fun on top.

courtesy of The Toy Palace

~went to a brownfest (a massive indian birthday party celebrating 10 birthdays) and played flip cup for the first time ever. i was terrible at first, but by the end, a true champ decisively talking smack to the other team as i chugged bailey’s + backwash from the bottle. then went to the club (you can often find me in it showing groupie love) where a friend fell down the stairs, i frightened a white boy, i was saved from a predatory male, dancing occurred and i made mad acquaintances because one of my girls kept telling everyone i was a comedian plus i was acting zee fool. the night ended around 5 a.m. at a hookah bar eating indian food and just saying no when being asked to tell jokes.

~went to a comedy open mic and witnessed three high school girls screeching with laughter at every single joke. no i lied. sometimes they weren’t laughing at jokes. sometimes they were just laughing at the succession of three or more words, one after the other. mamafreakin’ hilarious. it was surreal. but no more surreal than the man with no head in the third row. i kid, i kid. those girls were something else entirely. at the end of the show, all the watches in the room started getting floppy. “about time!” i cried. “it’s about time something made sense up in this piece!”

you’re my dawg, dali.
courtesy of Art in the Picture

so far today:

~ate all the candy within a 5-foot radius of my work area. it almost felt like a task i was completing to get all those fun size bars consumed. CHECK!

~realized it’s my mother’s birthday tomorrow. hiyooooooooo…? (a noise made decisively after lame fratboy-caliber jokes and made indecisively after moments of helplessness and/or fear.)

here fratty fratty fratty…
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4 thoughts on “Hiyoooooooooooooooooooooooo?

  1. C says:

    sorry, i don’t know how frattiness overcame me. dare i update my blog…dare i? it must hate me after so many months of neglect.

  2. Golden Silence says:

    Was it the Washington Improv Theater you went to? Two different groups did skits at the show I attended…the first group spent the whole time on shooting potatoes at moving trains and their developing relationship from that experience (don’t ask…some man in the audience said he and his friend did that) and the other was a bunch of random stuff about bad service at McDonald’s, a gay (no idea as to why the constant gay jokes) evil scientist, and a cruise ship with the Grim Reaper on it. <>Interesting<> stuff. (shrugs)

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