Project Runaway

ok i just wanted to add something. the real juicy bits are below (if you can call them that). this is dated information, but i am nothing if not dated (in the figurative sense, i am definitely not dated in the literal sense).

today my outfit most closely resembles someone who picked their clothes out of a rag bin on the way to work in exchange for the hefty bag dress she was up until then modeling. plaid purple pants — WAY TOO BIG so i had to roll them up three times on both leg (just looks unfortunate). black hoodie that screams “i slack hard so you don’t have to!” lazy ponytail at base of neck (currently in style but by accident. lucky me.)

i just walked by the impeccably dressed lady from the art department, and wondered as to how the both of us can coexist. in the same building, no less! i hope i don’t offend fashion too badly.

what is she doing? that is perfectly good suit material!
courtesy of Ragtag

3 thoughts on “Project Runaway

  1. dink says:

    I’m shocked there was an “impeccably dressed lady” in your art department–that’s usually where the rag-bag peeps, the perpetual gypsies, and those experience hippie renaissance hang out –I have reason to know. 😉I bet you look quite waif-like today.

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