It’s Time You Face Reality

IT WORKED. it’s monday and i’m still high as a kite…ahem, light as a kite.

1a. this weekend i saw two movies…Babel and Borat. now, let’s just look at the obvious, shall we? two movies…both one word titles, both one word titles that start with B, both one word B titles that are 5 letters long. creeped out yet? no of course not. that’s poppycock.

1b. the movies themselves were at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum, borat = haha eeeee! and babel = nooooo eeeee! one made me snort and cringe and eeee and shake my head and oooh and giggle AND the other made me cringe and giggle and ooooh and cry and eeee. funny how intense emotions come out about the same on both ends of the happy-sad scale. my conclusion after both was america has some problems, boyeeee. i highly recommend seeing them though.

1c. here are more specific conclusions that i made after seeing both movies.

borat conclusion: wow, man breasts are not just an expression. they are very real.

courtesy of Eye on Gambling.

babel conclusion: the world is one big snafu. but happiness really isn’t what you have as much as who you have.

courtesy of Movieweb.

2a. in other less worldly news, someone walked up to me after a comedy open mic yesterday and said “when is your face going to get better?”
and i said “huh?”
and he said “well, you know, your eye got stung by a bee. so when will it get better? your eye, i mean?”
and i said “boyeeee, that was months ago. tis all heal-ed. this is my face proper.”
and he said “but your eyes! one is like this size and one is like THIS size. i thought it was because of the beesting.”
and i shook my head sadly and said “no, this is my face unfortunately, the way nature intended.”

2b. mmmmmmm nothing like a warm slice of humble pie with eye scream.
(totally puncalled for)

3a. in other other news, after a disastrous first attempt at a numerical puzzle halloween costume, i got a 2nd chance this past weekend at a halloween remix party…so i went as a child bride. i wore pigtails and an indian garment that could pass for wedding attire, covered my face with a veil and made a sign that said “have you seen my husband?” with a picture of an older-than-time indian man on it and carried that around as well as a teddy bear. success! not only did people not question it, they posed for photos with me. i guess, at the end of the day, people want you to represent the violation of innocence and not a tricky mindstumper. HEY, at least i wasn’t a sexy child bride.

where is the strange man who is older than daddy?

3b. in any case, i believe satire can often bring attention to issues that need to be addressed and is not just intended to offend as some would so quickly suggest. or in this case, my sattire for the evening (i am sorry for the pun).

9 thoughts on “It’s Time You Face Reality

  1. Anonymous says:

    This weekend, I see Borat. Very nice! The movie make great success! Also, Borat innocent of accusings of Kazakhstan government. He very good reporter and learn many things for educate Kazakhstan. In the moviefilm, he have sexy time 😉

  2. Reel Fanatic says:

    I managed to see Borat this weekend and have to say his movie made me laugh harder than I have in some time … My favorite scene, if I had to pick just one, was when he got “saved” at the revival meeting

  3. Aparna says:

    yoda — agreed. but actually, in the movie, he didn’t have sexytime…at least not until the end.honeyk — thanks for reading and thanks! dicesleeves went as her boyfriend and he went as her.reel fanatic — my favorite scene was easily the gypsy yard sale. oss — ha, thanks. i think it’s great that you can be passably normal-looking to one person, attractive to another person and deformed to another person. it’s perfectly brilliant.

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