Societal Invalidation

courtesy of Tribal Fusion

i feel sorry for the girl in this ad. her face pops up all over myspace all over the place all the time. when you sign in, when you sign out, sometimes when you’re just minding your own business. and it’s degrading. it’s degrading! she will forever be the “geek to chic” girl. except you only get to see the BEFORE picture. yeah so what if she’s a model now? a model for high school reunion ads, that’s what she is! set her free, society, set her free! no one likes what you’re implying anyway.

oh wait, duh. the best part of this ad is right under the picture where there is a button to “find friends.” like all the people who tormented this girl now want to find her and schmooze her up and tell her they always knew she had that “special model look about her.” i would avoid her at all costs. those people are probably on her hit list.

i once met a girl so frigid, her nips were made of ice.

i don’t know where that last bit came from…carry on.

7 thoughts on “Societal Invalidation

  1. Anonymous says:

    man that’s nothingi once had a girl who was SO frigid that i needed SNOWSHOES to dive that muff.and even that was just a photograph.

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