Stop Looking at Me Like That!

i have had such major sleep deficits this week that, due to cumulative effects, i have hypothesized my face will slide off my head at some point today.

i have my team of hand-picked scientists tracking any specific geological movement, no matter how minute, on my facial surfaces and around my skull area.

so far, nothing.

but if it happens, don’t worry, i can paint my face on completely like some people paint on their eyebrows or strategically-placed beauty moles. i can be permanently surprised, sad, happy, scared, mad, jealous, futzy-looking, et cetera. one face for every day of the year! an extra special face on february 29th on leap years. perhaps one of joyful contempt.

ahhhh, all behold the power of the sexy mole! ima get me one of dem beeee-yoooties!
courtesy of Flickr and Cocolinda

there’s also this, my latest crush:

courtesy of Dimitris Glezos Weblog

4 thoughts on “Stop Looking at Me Like That!

  1. dink says:

    um …your latest crush is …????P.S. sorry about the frozen face thing—one of the few side effects of insomnia that I haven’t had (yet)

  2. dink says:

    I couldn’t tell if it was fudgey or muddy hahahaa or what –definitely can’t tell if it is hot somehting or a cold something and I live for details.

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