New Year’s Resolution: Buy More Milk

oh wow.

i know i talk about food a lot. you could even say, too much. but this needs to be said.

this year, at my work, for the holidays…

we are having…

not only a secret santa/menorah fairy/kwanzaa spirit/festive karma gift exchange…

but also…

are you ready?

i’m not sure if you’re ready…

wait for it….

i’m serious.

hold on.

ok…now this is just annoying, isn’t it?

chain email forward, anyone?

…OK. i’m going to say it….


courtesy of Flickr and Kraftykat

what does this mean exactly?

well it means this…

courtesy of Flickr and khara

and it means everyone bakes 60 cookies and you take an even share of every batch as well as all recipes involved. where is the fatal flaw?

THERE IS NONE. i leave with my pockets full of cookies. this pretty much defines success in every civilization, ever. including the cannibalistic ones.

i’d like to think even the darkest parts of our selves bake cookies.

courtesy of Flickr and Angelynne

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution: Buy More Milk

  1. dink says:

    CLUNK!That’s me struck down by the sheer fabuosity of a workplace cookie exchange …pockets stuffed with cookies? get outta town! Very nifty.

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