Mmmmmm…Tastes Like Fire

i can’t say this enough. my parents are the cutest little hoohaws in the world. they came to my improv class’s showcase last night even though i told them they really didn’t have to come. well they showed up, yes they sure did. so i patted them on their lil heads. there is something weird about patting your parentals on the head. how do you say? ah yes, le role reversal! in any case, my mommers slipped a baklava in my lunchcase this morning with a tiny note saying ‘i’m her superstar.’ so basically yeah, she and daddums rule.

i might have to eat cake for lunch. or a frosting sandwich, in preparation for the impending holiday. i’ll have chocolate on wheat please. yes i want mayo on that! make it snappy!

holy crap, who has some bread?
courtesy of Flickr and Knitcore for Knitsters

daddy yankee is good work music. do torso gyrations improve productivity? DUH. i’m not even going to dignify that with a response.

my car (on lease from parentals) smells like burning. it’s smelled of burning for almost a week now. i think something fell into the engine and is being slow-roasted into a carcass of its former self. it’s just not cool to drive in freezing weather with your windows rolled down to prevent suffocating on fried unknown object fumes. someone should do something!

i found the most gratuitous object and i think i’m giving it to my parents for the non-denominational gifty ceremony we perform every year around this time. it’s a (drumroll please)…


courtesy of Inmagine

because nothing says I LOVE YOU like a picture surrounded by fur and/or feathers.
courtesy of I Dance U Cheer

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