In Search of A Few Good Fey…

alright, you crumbles! it’s time for an update.

today was hard for me. not all foon and games. but a lot of freaking healing! everyone man your drums and start pounding out some earth rhythms!

courtesy of Drumming Circle

some comedian told me yesterday that another comedian they know told them they don’t think i’m funny. that sounds extremely stupid when i write it out. very trivial and not like a problem at all. but of course, i got all panty bundled about it and started going to every name in my little black and blue book begging for self-validation. what a leeching scamp am i!

anyway, luckily for everybody (minus those who are still wringing aparneedy tears out of their nice sweaters), at some point, i realized the path of least resistance to accepting yourself is shoving a piece of pie in your mouth. i’m kidding. that’s terrible advice. but i did eat pie today. coincidence? let’s move on.

you can have your pie and cry too!
courtesy of Crying While Eating

anyway, the real path of least resistance to accepting yourself is saying “ehhhh there’s a little bit of suck in everyone.” and there’s always some people in the world who are only going to see you for that little bit of suck. and hopefully, the majority of people you surround yourself with are going to see you for the trippy wavy coolness surrounding that little bit of suck. so yeah. there’s some suck in all of us. you can quote me on that.

ALSO FEAR = false evidence appearing real! a wise koosa told me.

furthermore, i’ve been acting like a doormat lately. prone to indulging other people’s whims and ignoring my own with a capital I. this is a self-help update in case you were hoping for more. there isn’t. only self-fulfillment and all-embracing compassion today, lugnuts.

anyway, believe it or not. i found a quick solution. in KIVA.

what is kiva? i’m glad you asked.

kiva is a band. according to their website

“KIVA is a percussive, acoustic, worldbeat ensemble that celebrates the magic of nature and ancient bardic traditions with music that opens the heart and heals the spirit. The band blends strong vocal harmonies with rich and diverse acoustic and electric instrumentation, performing originals, traditionals, and covers.”

you heard it right! bardic traditions! opens the heart! heals the spirit! they do covers! they do covers of really old bands! older than rock! they cover stone bands! they cover spirit chants! all the classics!

i need to cover myself in a biodegradable plantbased pagan cape and salute the moon immediately.

courtesy of Kiva Song

in case you’re still a doubter, here is what a review by LEAH “SUNFLOWER THISTLEDEW” ODOM in Faerie Magazine had to say about a song in Kiva’s most recent album…

“It is a fun frolicking instrument jam that is an invitation for all night dancing with abandonment.”

and about the band itself…

“…all of the instruments and voices flow in cooperation to create a healing, inspirational sound that is unique in the world of mortal music. I recommend this recording to all mortals and fey who have an appreciation for the natural world and really like to get down!”

anyway, for those lucky fools in the dc metro area, you can check out Kiva at the monthly PAGAN BAND JAM. i am pretty damn excited. gypsy nomads!

kiva aside, i have the bestest mortal friends and lovers in all the world. still working on finding some fey.

2 thoughts on “In Search of A Few Good Fey…

  1. dink says:

    There will always be people who don’t think you’re funny. You’re in excellent company. I think you’re funny and I laugh …you just can’t hear me and I look like a complete dweeb continually typing in HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA you’re gonna have to trust me on this. Comments like “don’t think she’s funny” suck because there’s nothing helpful in them. I get ’em in my biz too. blech.In closing I say, mmmmmm pie.

  2. Aparna says:

    Dink — You are tops. And you are a barrel full of monkeys on the laugh thermometer. So from one blechmagnet to another…heehooohawhahwhawheyhooohahahh! wheee. and yes, pie is an equal-opportunity solution. the dink has spoken.

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